Best World Cup 2014 Commercial

Dare we say it but World Cup commercials are better than Super Bowl ones.

The global nature of the tournament means that creative agencies from all over are thinking up their best.

When it comes to sporting events the month long spectacle is definitely at the top of our list; 30 days of fraternizing with fellow football fans from all over the world on some nice patio with a cold beer (or few) in hand. #Doesn’tGetAnyBetter

This year’s Brazilian edition (the tournament will be played in 12 of the country’s cities) should add some additional zest.

World Cup 2014 runs from June 12 to July 13.

And here’s a brilliant McDonald’s commercial to get you into the game.

The show starts in 7 days – are you ready? Who do you pick to go all the way?

And what’s the verdict? Are World Cup commercials better than Super Bowl ones?

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