Bar Brawl Chic

Wow, talk about beat to a pulp. We’re wondering who came out worse in that fight.

Arguably the best film of 2011 was the Ryan Gosling starring – Nicolas Winding Refn directed Drive. If you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favour and check it out…we’ll wait.

Well, this Canadian/Danish duo has reunited again to bring us Only God Forgives.

Set in Bangkok it’s a story about a man who goes into exile after killing a cop. He runs a Thai boxing club as a front for a drug cartel operation and finds himself in trouble after his brother is killed for murdering a prostitute. The brothers’ mother arrives in Bangkok to collect her son’s body and orders her son to avenge his brother’s death and raise hell.

Apparently Ryan Gosling has called the script, which was written by the director himself, the “strangest thing” he’s ever read.

Nicolas Winding Refn’s films have a certain raw spontaneity that is absent from Hollywood movies. His films feel real whereas the others often seem overly produced. This is in part because of the Danish director’s approach to pre- production. Rather than pre-plan every shot and detail (as is the case with Hollywood movies) he allows the real location to inspire him.

This is what he told French mag Liberation (quote via

“I hate the idea that the film is over before we started shooting. I spent whole nights finding places in Bangkok. Especially in Chinatown, where most of the film unfolds. We saw dozens of nightclubs, each more kitsch than the other, the walls covered with carved paneling, thick velvet, with flowers in colored plastic gueulardes, erotic statues or classic gold…they give me ideas for scenes. It’s like the neon lights in the streets, forming strange perspectives. No one realizes that once on site. Then I decide, and always by instinct.”

Here’s Nicolas Winding Refn scouting locations in Bangkok. Only God Forgives is scheduled to hit theatres on March 23, 2013

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