An American Apparel Party!

American Apparel has made a name for itself by delivering quality basics.

Founded by Montreal native Dov Charney at the age of 20, the company rose from a solo t-shirts manufacturing operation to a multi-million dollar 12,000 employee worldwide enterprise that prides itself on American made clothing.

You can read all about Charney and the history of American Apparel here.

Based in Los Angeles, the company has garnered a great deal of praise and controversy, and much of it surrounding its unconventional ads.



Unlike other retailers who outsource its marketing to PR agencies, American Apparel has kept the entire creative process in-house as is explained on the company’s website:

“Every aspect of our operation, from design to distribution, is done in-house. The majority of our creative content is conceived somewhere between the 2nd floor and the factory rooftop.”

American Apparel does things differently. When everyone zigs. They zag.

For over a decade they’ve relied on a simple un-airbrushed aesthetic. Their models are everyday people picked through online submissions, word of mouth, and retail store sightings.

The company even encourages young creators to submit their own American Apparel ads.

You can find out how here.

This Wednesday, August 29 from 7-11pm, American Apparel is throwing a party at its flagship Yonge/Dundas Toronto location. And you’re invited!

Hosted by our good friend Clara Venice it’s a back-to-work/school/reality shopping extravaganza complete with a mind-altering performance by Clara. It’s after-hours and licensed and everyone who comes will get a 15% discount.

Toronto’s first nail art salon, Pinky’s Nails, will be there to make all your manicure dreams come true and YouNxt will snap your pic once you’re ready to strike a pose!

Grab some friends, come say hi, have a drink, enjoy some music, create an outfit, get your nails done, and get snapped American Apparel style.


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