2013 Oscar Spotlight 3

There’s an interesting piece on the NY Times website about how this year’s Oscars have become a hotbed for animation (both features and shorts.)

At 1.45 seconds (with credits) Fresh Guacamole is the shortest film ever nominated for an Academy Award. Directed by 39-year-old PES (aka Adam Pesapane) it cost $50,000 and four months to make. Commissioned by Showtime, the film will be available online after the award ceremony but in the meantime you can watch the film’s prequel Western Spaghetti here.

On the feature side, we’re pulling for Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie. With a title like that it should just get the Oscar automatically; plus it’s the story of a dog brought back from the dead. Bonus points for heart!

Here’s the trailer…

Who is your pick in this category?

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