2013 Oscar Spotlight 2

Researched and filmed in some of the most troubled parts of Africa, War Witch (French: Rebelle), is the visionary work of Montreal filmmaker Kim Nguyen.

It’s the story of a twelve year old girl named Komona who is abducted from her village by armed rebels and forced to wage war as a child soldier.

Shot in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the film is a fictional tale inspired by true stories from various war-torn African nations.

Director Kim Nguyen spent ten years bringing this story to the screen and subsequently put the film’s fate in the hands of non-actor Rachel Mwanza who was abandoned by her parents at the age of six and grew up on the streets of Kinshasa.

The gamble paid off as Mwanza’s authentic portrayal of Komona earned her the Best Actress prize at the Berlin Film Festival and helped War Witch receive an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign-Language Film.

Here’s the trailer for War Witch

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